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Lisa Marie Presley may be The King of Rock and Roll’s daughter, but did you know she once helped work in a fish and chip shop van? It was nine years ago that Elvis Presley’s only child was spotted in an apron serving up food to hungry customers from a mobile outlet called Mr Chippy. Aged 44 at the time, Lisa Marie had moved to Rotherfield in East Sussex in 2010 where the van is based.

According to Mail Online, Mr Chippy owner Kim Scales said: “It was when she first moved to the village about two years ago.

“She is really interested in who people are and wanted to know all about our lives and how we live.

“We own the pub and a mobile fish and chip van, but she said she’d never heard of anything like it, and said she wanted to work on it.

“She got on there with her son, but we were all laughing because not one of the locals realised who it was.”

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Kim, who also owns the village pub The King’s Arms continued: “She served one local double fishcake and chips and he didn’t have a clue that she was Elvis Presley’s daughter.”

The Mr Chippy owner said how Lisa Marie likes to chat to the locals in the pub over some British favourites.

She said: “She loves fish and chips and drinks and eats in the pub all the time. She’s partial to a pint of Guinness, too!

“It was nice for her to have that normal experience. She’d have never been able to do that in LA.”

Speaking in a BBC Radio 2 interview from the time, Lisa Marie said: “I lived in the same neighbourhood for 17 years and I didn’t even know a neighbour.

“When I moved here I was getting notes and flowers. That’s what I love about it. It’s simple, it’s not flash, it was a quality of life I needed.”

Elvis’ daughter added in another interview of living in England: “We have found the quality of life so much more enriching and fulfilling. The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life.

I can honestly say I am the only person who came to England for the weather. I love the cold and the rain.”


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