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Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (Image: Gamma-Rapho/Getty) How can one love a genocidal dictator who bombed and.

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There’s a wide-eyed charm to even his rare flirtations with the misbehaviours more typical of.

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Potent Hollywood version of the historic battle at the Hot Gates (Image: Moviestore Collection Ltd.

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Even with aggressive treatment, he would still only have a few years to live. Devastated,.

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George III: The Life And Reign Of Britain’s Most Misunderstood Monarch by Andrew Roberts (Image:.

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While we may never know what beloved object was lost in the sand that day,.

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Joan added: “I prefer talking to Greg Peck who, although a little dull, is adorable.

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Earlier this year, the first unexpurgated volume of the diaries of Tory MP “Chips” Channon.

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