Frexit referendum edges closer as Macron rivals play sovereignty card | World | News

Emmanuel Macron‘s rivals have been jumping on Frexit-like pledges since Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal last ruled.

Squid Game inspires series of ‘perverse’ late notice letters to debtors – ‘Rather extreme’ | World | News

Some citizens of the city of Mexicali in Mexico were circumspect after receiving an envelope.

What Germany coalition deal means for EU – FDP leader could be trouble for bloc | World | News

Mr Scholz, appearing together with leaders of the Greens and FDP, said the announcement is.

Veteran dies with Covid and internal bleeding as needed hospital bed used by unvaccinated | World | News

Army veteran Bob Cameron, 87, died on Wednesday evening after he suffered gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding.

La Palma volcano LIVE: Horror as boiling 1,200C lava ‘tsunami’ caught in terrifying video | World | News

The volcano has been vigorously erupting for close to four weeks now with flowing lava.

Former US President Bill Clinton in hospital with ‘non-covid’ infection – ‘On the mend’ | World | News

Bill Clinton, 75, was admitted to the University of California Irvine Medical Center on Tuesday,.

Putin baits Biden with fighter jets threat ‘Makes the West uneasy | World | News

The Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets will be delivered to Russian troops by 2027, with several.

Nazi concentration camp guard, 100, probed: ‘Do you have a soul?’ | World | News

100-year-old Nazi concentration camp guard probed: ‘Do you have a soul?’ (Image: Reuters) From a.

Michel Barnier turns on Poland as he rages: ‘Do you want to stay in EU or not?’ | World | News

But the former European Commissioner has been branded a “totalitarian” and an “enemy of freedom”.

North Korean kids and elderly risk starving, says UN report – ‘Grim situation’ | World | News

On top of recent floods which submerged “hundreds of hectares of farmland”, North Korea is.