EU vaccine news: MEP breaks cover to admit Brussels solidarity is a ‘paper tiger’ | World | News

In a furious attack against Brussels and the EU Commission chief, MEP Charlie Weimers admitted.

US ramps up Cold War defence system in bid to counter Russia, China – ‘Now is the time!’ | World | News

US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held their first meeting together.

Barcelona riots: Violence erupts as protesters clash with police at arrest rally | World | News

Several banks have been destroyed and burned along La Rambla in the Spanish city as.

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Brexit: Michel Barnier insists his ‘mission isn’t over’ The EU‘s former chief Brexit negotiator Michel.

EU Chaos: Bloc divided over vaccine passport as Macron causes tourism crisis for bloc | World | News

Emmanuel Macron is leading criticisms of vaccine passports as a way to reopen the continent.

South China Sea: Royal Navy plots pathway into disputed waters | World | News

HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to sail into the region in the summer. It will.

Yanis Varoufakis’ eerie prediction that EU democracy will crumble in hands of capitalism | World | News

EU: Varoufakis discusses capitalism and democracy in 2016 The EU was today urged to adopt.

Warren Buffett’s brutal analysis of eurozone: ‘Hope US never does it!’ | World | News

Europe’s economic pain is expected to worsen before it gets better, potentially boosting the popularity.

Elon Musk on collision course with EU as Tesla chief’s Bitcoin splurge sparks concern | World | News

Bitcoin in a ‘curious place’ after significant rise claim experts Bitcoin hit record highs earlier.

Bill Gates says nuclear power ‘safer’ than coal and oil in latest climate change warning | World | News

The co-founder of Microsoft claimed nuclear power will “absolutely” be politically acceptable during an interview.