Olaplex’s Hair Damage Treatment Has Just Had Its Price Slashed By 20%

The Olaplex Hair Perfecting Treatment works at a molecular level to repair the broken and damaged bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical and heat damage. When the bonds in our hair are damaged, it makes hair look dry, brittle, and unhealthy, so this treatment by Olaplex will help you regain some of the lustrous shine.

This user found the treatment was amazing for bleach damage, saying “after over bleaching my hair, It was breaking off by the hand full. My hair had gone so thin I was really scared, I saw this product online and thought I’ve got to try something. I took my purchase to my hairdresser as I had an appointment to cut off the damaged hair, she told me that Olaplex was the very best thing I could have brought.

“She put what I thought was a very small amount on my hair and left me for about 30 mins with a plastic bag on my head and under a warm dryer. After washing this off and all the ends cut I am absolutely stunned at the difference in my hair after only one use. My hair is soft and shiny with no more breakage. I will definitely be using this product every week from now on. I can not recommend this product enough.”

People often associate Olaplex as being for people with bleached blonde hair, but the No 3 Hair Perfector is for all types of hair types, helping to repair, protect and strengthen the strands after damage caused by heat and chemical damage as well as damage incurred from colouring it. The treatment is Amazon’s #1 best selling hair treatment and has accrued a whopping 58,815 5-star reviews.

And if you’re someone who’s seen Olaplex around for years but aren’t sure if it’s worth the hype, take a look at what this happy customer had to say: “I’d heard people going on and on about Olaplex for about 3 years, but had never tried it. Thought I’d treat myself just this once and give it a go, and oh my lord the result is amazing. My hair has never felt so lovely, and after only one use!”.

While the treatment is more expensive than some others on the market, the formulation truly is second to none when it comes to reviving dead hair – plus it’s on sale right now, so you can pick it up for 22 percent cheaper than usual.

Usually retailing for £20.78, the best seller is currently reduced to £16.30 which saves you £4.48, which is nearly a quarter of the price – so what better time to buy?

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