JEE Main Session2 Day 5 analysis: Exam rated moderate; Chemistry questions largely NCERT based

The National Testing Agency (NTA) concluded the fifth day of the JEE Main Session2 exam today, i.e. July 29. Candidates have rated the exam to be moderate on the difficulty scale as some questions were complicated and challenging.

In today’s exam, the Mathematics questions needed some long and complicated questions, which made the exam to be moderate on the difficulty scale. There were nearly eight questions from calculus. In addition to this, questions on relation, function, continuity and differentiability, and application of derivatives were asked in good numbers. The exam also had questions from integral calculus and differential equations besides area under curves. There were seven questions from algebra, about three questions from coordinate geometry and about four questions from vectors and 3-dimensional geometry, and two questions from trigonometry as well.

The Physics section had questions from almost all chapters, but the exam was not very difficult. There were about eight questions from Mechanics, about four questions from Heat and Thermodynamics, almost four from electricity and magnetics, and two to three questions from modern physics. “As expected, numerical type questions were more in numbers than theoretical questions and almost all numerical were simple formula-based questions. Practising a sufficient number of similar tests would keep students in good stead,” said Ajay Sharma who is the national academic director of engineering at Aakash BYJU’S.

Meanwhile, the Chemistry section was largely NCERT-based, and almost an equal number of questions were asked from the Physical, Inorganic and Organic branches of Chemistry. Today’s exam had enough questions from electrochemistry, redox reactions, volumetric analysis, equilibrium and thermochemistry. However, any candidate who followed NCERT pattern and solved NCERT-issued mock tests will be able to score good in this section.

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