How to save money: Save £100 a year by swapping one everyday item to Aldi’s own

3. Don’t dismiss supermarket’s own brands

Shoppers can also make significant savings by opting for supermarket own-brand products over expensive branded items. These items can be a lot cheaper than the big brands. 

In a series of blind taste tests, Which? found that many supermarket own brands are not only cheaper, but sometimes they also taste better than their well-known branded counterparts. 

Which? tested everyday essentials such as beans, orange juice, honey nut cornflakes and coffee and found that, for those willing to swap, shoppers could save themselves hundreds of pounds a year without compromising on taste. 

For example, switching from Innocent orange juice (£3.60 for 1.35 litres, 27p per 100ml) to Aldi’s The Juice Company Smooth Orange Juice – costing just £1.69 per 1.75L carton (10p per 100ml) could save shoppers nearly £100 a year.

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