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Pension Credit can boost a person’s income by more than £3,500 a year.

The benefit provides a top-up to a person’s income to £201.05 a week for single claimants and up to £306.85 a week for couples.

Some older people think because they have savings or own their home they won’t be eligible for any Pension Credit, but the DWP said hundreds of thousands could be missing out on the extra money and discounts it provides every mon

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has put out an urgent call for all those who may think they qualify to at least check and find out.

Yesterday they tweeted: “If you qualify for #PensionCredit you could be on average £3,500 a year better off.

“Find out more about Pension Credit. Eligibility criteria apply.”

An estimated 850,000 pensioner households fail to claim £1.8billion annually in Pension Credit.

Pension Credit is often called a gateway benefit as claiming it means people are entitled to other freebies.

Those on Pension Credit automatically get cold weather payments.

They are also eligible to apply for a free TV licence if they’re aged 75 or over and get help with NHS costs if they get the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit.

NHS costs can include things such as prescriptions, dental treatment, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments.

Pension Credit comes in two parts: Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. It’s separate from the state pension.

Savings Credit is extra money if someone has some savings or if their income is higher than the basic state pension.

It’s available to people who reached state pension age before April 6, 2016.

In 2023-24, people could get up to:

  • £15.94 extra per week if they’re single
  • £17.84 extra per week if they’re a couple.

Some may be eligible for Guarantee Credit if they’ve reached state pension age. This is currently 66 for both men and women.

Britons can check their state pension age on the Government website.

‌If someone has reached state pension age, they can claim Guarantee Credit if their weekly income is less than:

£201.05 if they’re single

£306.85 if they’re a couple.

Even if weekly income is higher than these thresholds, people con still claim Guarantee Credit if they meet one of the following criteria:

they have a severe disability

they’re a carer

they have to pay housing costs, such as a mortgage.

Those on Pension Credit can also get other help, such as:

  • Housing Benefit if you rent the property you live in

  • Cost of Living Payments

  • Support for Mortgage Interest if you own the property you live in

  • a Council Tax discount

  • a free TV licence if you’re aged 75 or over

  • help with NHS dental treatment, glasses and transport costs for hospital appointments, if you get a certain type of Pension Credit

  • help with your heating costs through the Warm Home Discount Scheme

  • a discount on the Royal Mail redirection service if you’re moving house

Britons can claim Pension Credit using the claim line telephone on 0800 99 1234.

They can also use the online service on the Government website You can use the online service if you have already applied for their state pension.

People can start their application up to four months before they reach state pension age.

People can apply any time after they reach state pension age but their application can only be backdated by three months.

This means they can get up to three months of Pension Credit in their first payment if they were eligible during that time.

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