Bigg Boss 15 HIGHLIGHTS: Ticket to finale task begins; Rakhi Sawant pulls Abhijit’s hair


Bigg Boss 15 live updates: Ticket to Finale task begins in house 

In today’s episode, we will witness new twists and turns in the show. The house which is already divided between VIP’s and Non-VIP’s will have a ‘Ticket To Finale’ task. It will create a rift between the VIP contestants. Abhijit Bichukale will be seen saying that Rakhi’s husband Ritesh is “hired”. This infuriates Rakhi and she clarifies saying, “I have taken seven vows with him and he is not hired.” In fact, Ritesh also intervenes and tells Abhijit that you are saying all this because it is in your mind. Abhijit says that this is what the host Salman Khan also said and Rakhi replies ‘No, Salman never said this ever that I have hired my husband.” She adds: “Tu bhade ka tattu hai” (you are a hired pony). The war of words doesn’t stop here and Rakhi holds Abhijit’s hair and says: “You have hired your wife.” Abhijit says: “Have you gone crazy.” Later both went physical and other housemates came to stop them.


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