Gyanvapi Case Shivling not fountain masajid committee what said on order of carbon dating

Gyanvapi Case:’ज्ञानवापी में शिवलिंग नहीं फव्वारा’, कार्बन डेटिंग के आदेश पर मसाजिद कमेटी ने क्या कहा? जानिए – Gyanvapi Case Shivling Not Fountain Masajid Committee What Said On Order Of Carbon Dating

ज्ञानवापी में कथित तौर पर मिले शिवलिंग की तस्वीर – फोटो : सोशल मीडिया। विस्तार ज्ञानवापी परिसर में एडवोकेट कमिश्नर की कमीशन की कार्रवाई के … Read more

Carbon footprint as CO2 emission pollution amount in air tiny person concept. Dioxide greenhouse gases as climate change reason vector illustration. Foot symbol as industrial toxic effect warning.

To achieve corporate sustainability, organizations must understand how digital practices are contributing to their carbon footprint

The digital landscape is one of the biggest contributors to unnecessary energy consumption, e-waste and CO2 emissions from organizations globally Image: VectorMine/Adobe Stock Today, enterprise … Read more