Meghan Markle beauty transformation: Duchess ‘appears more demure & less LA’ expert says

Meghan Markle subtly changed her appearance when she joined the Royal Family, and since leaving them as a senior member alongside Prince Harry, her style has shifted once more. spoke to Dr Ross Perry, the Medical Director of Cosmedics skin clinics about the Duchess of Sussex’s beauty transformation. 

No matter where Meghan is, the paparazzi follow, and every picture of her shows glowing skin. 

Dr Ross believes there is “no doubt” Meghan “drinks plenty of water to keep her skin hydrated”, and this can” help combat any acne flare ups”. 

“Drinking plenty of water also facilitates the flow of nutrients through the blood,” he added. 

In terms of what products Meghan might use to keep her skin clear, the expert said: “Meghan will likely be using a gentle cleanser on her face twice a day which will be fragrance free as harsher versions are more likely to irritate the skin and make you more prone to acne flare ups and dryness. 

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“I would suspect Meghan has had a cleanser specially formulated to suit her skin type.” 

Moisturisers are part of almost everyone’s routine, and Dr Ross thinks the Duchess “would have been advised by her skincare guru to use a light moisturiser containing only natural products which should be applied after a shower or bath when pores are most open and able to absorb the moisturiser”. 

“It’s best to avoid having the water too hot or any steam treatments as it strips the body of natural oils,” he continued. 

“Meghan may well be using a humidifier at night which helps with skin hydration.” 

As for what Dr Ross’ advice is for anyone looking to use moisturisers, he revealed: ““Avoid oil-based moisturisers as they can make skin more greasy and block pores.”

In terms of what skincare treatments Meghan might get, Dr Ross commented: “I would suggest that alongside a really good skincare routine, drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced diet, she likely opts for oxygen facial which tend to be favoured by celebrity mums to be as they contain fantastic ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants and botanical extracts which are delivered via a stream of steam. 

“These facials tend to benefit those with dry or dull looking skin.

“Expect to pay around £150 upwards for this at a reputable salon,” he remarked. 

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“When Meghan was known as an actress, she favoured plump looking lips, high eyebrows and a very smooth forehead. 

“However, these days Meghan sports a more natural look and subtle Megan’s skin of late looks a lot clearer and more even with freckles and pigmentation reduced.” 

Revealing how this look can be achieved, Dr Ross continued: “This could simply be clever makeup, but laser treatments can offer good results in promoting a more even skin tone and a natural, healthy glow.  

“She also has thicker, fuller and shapelier eyebrows, most likely benefiting from a professional eyebrow shaping programme.” 


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