Energy bills: Engineer shares ‘one simple switch’ that can save households ‘£400 per year | Personal Finance | Finance

“Saving money on annual electricity bills at a time when we really need the extra money, and reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by around 5kg per bulb.

“To put this into context, the average home could see a 63kg annual reduction in carbon emissions simply by switching to LED lights.”

The latest lightbulb energy cost analysis by 4lite technicians also showed that, from October, a single LED lightbulb will cost less than 4p a day to run – based on six hours of usage – equating to just over £13 a year.

For 10 bulbs within the home, this would cost £134 in energy. In comparison, an incandescent bulb would cost 20p a day, or £74 a year per bulb and amount to an eye-watering £745 for 10 bulbs.

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