Adidas is making Xbox sneakers

Microsoft’s Xbox team is partnering with Adidas to create limited-edition Xbox sneakers. The collaboration will see Adidas produce an Xbox sneaker to mark 20 years since the original release of the Xbox console. The sneakers include the Xbox logo and translucent green details.

While this appears to be a limited-edition sneaker that Microsoft will use for giveaways, there will also be a separate Xbox-inspired sneaker available for purchase later this year. “This is just the beginning of our partnership with adidas, and over the next few months we’ll continue to mark our 20th anniversary by launching additional sneakers inspired by past and present Xbox console generations, including the first-ever sneaker available for purchase by our fans later this year,” explains James Monosmith, a marketing manager at Xbox.

The Adidas Xbox sneaker.
Image: Microsoft

Adidas and Xbox have created a launch trailer for its sneaker partnership that features footage of the original Xbox console and Halo: Combat Evolved. Alongside the Xbox sneakers, Microsoft is also planning to release an Xbox mini fridge this holiday. The company has promised to provide more information about its Xbox mini fridge plans at some point this month.

Microsoft’s work with Adidas on an Xbox sneaker follows a similar collaboration between Nike, Sony, and basketball player Paul George earlier this year. The PS5-inspired sneakers went on sale earlier this year, more than two years after the previous PlayStation sneakers that Nike and Sony created in 2018.

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