Zara Tindall gives children ‘freedom rather than restriction’ – ‘spontaneous & fun’ parent

She said: “Zara’s body language always defines her as a spontaneous, fun and openly affectionate wife and mother and her rather happy and relaxed-looking approach to parenting seems to have built what looks like high levels of adventurousness and self-confidence in her small children.

“She seems to manage to use some very strong sharing or team techniques, with the children always looking like members of a small and very like-minded team that embraces the same values and the same love of affectionate PDAs.

“Like any parent, Zara is clearly keen to keep her children safe and secure but her body language rarely if ever suggests any signs of anxious hovering or over-protecting.

“Even when she has her arm around her daughter as they both sit on the ground the gesture will suggest a sense of freedom rather than restriction, allowing Mia to face front and walk ahead rather than keeping her in the background.

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