Wowcher is slashing 77 percent off charcoal BBQs in big sale

Having a barbecue with friends or family is the perfect activity to enjoy in summer. Now, Wowcher is offering amazing deals where customers can get charcoal BBQs for more than half price.

With prices slashed by 77 percent off, Wowcher is offering discounts on charcoal BBQ grills.

Perfect for a variety of outdoor spaces, you can cook and grill delicious food to share with friends or family.

The sun is shining and now is the perfect time to buy a BBQ grill ahead of summer arriving.

Shop all the BBQ offers here.

Here are the best BBQ offers available.

Dimensions: 113 x 47.5 x 100cm 

Made from cold iron rolled plate, this charcoal BBQ grill has a big surface so it can cook a lot of food and is great for burgers, sausages, steaks, veggies and more.

Complete with a lid, side plates and wheels, it’s versatile to fit on patios, balconies and more.

Buy on Wowcher (£99)

Dimensions: 105cm x 60cm x 113cm

This barrel charcoal grill has an offset smoker so you can cook even more food and evenly heats up for the perfect grill.

If you’re serious about your barbecues, this is an absolute must-have and its scald-proof handle makes it safe to wheel around.

Buy on Wowcher (£99)

With a compact size, this charcoal BBQ can reach up to 400 degrees Celsius and also has a metal grill inside to cook food.

There are also air vents for temperature control and its easy to assemble at home.

Buy on Wowcher (£99)

Perfect for camping or holidays, this portable red kettle grill will cook food and has foldable legs so you can stand it on ground and fold up when not in use.

The porcelain-coated lid keeps the heat on and its going to become a popular staple during summer.

Buy on Wowcher (£18.99)

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