Woman breastfeeding for 13 years asked to leave room says she’ll stop when ‘they’re ready’

Dayna shared why she decided to continue breastfeeding her toddlers after they turned two: “Continuing breastfeeding past two years old has so many benefits if both mum and child are happy to continue their journey together.

“The best part of breastfeeding into toddlerhood include prolonged bonding, nutritional benefits, ability to evoke a sense of calmness and winding downtime quickly, reduction of risk to certain childhood illnesses, protection from illness.

“I currently have Covid and have continued breastfeeding both my youngest children, I do so with the knowledge that they are both receiving antibodies for Covid through my milk which delivers them a certain degree of protection.”

However, there are negatives too: “The worst part (or perhaps the best depending on your situation) is there may be a delay in the return to your cycle which would delay falling pregnant again.

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