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Now 11 years on since A Dance with Dragons was published and George RR Martin is still working away on the latest A Song of Ice and Fire book. Three years since Game of Thrones ended and the author is snowed under with all kinds of other projects including spin-off shows, with House of the Dragon kicking off in August. In his latest blog post, the 73-year-old confirmed the rumour that a Jon Snow TV series is indeed in the works and updated on The Winds of Winter.

The ever-busy writer said: “I don’t really have a spare moment today, truth be told, but I am making one, since the news has broken about the Jon Snow development and I am being deluged with requests for comment. So…. Yes, there is a Jon Snow show in development. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER story was largely correct.   And I would expect no less from James Hibberd. I have dealt with a lot of reporters over the past few years, and Hibberd is one of the very best, an actual journalist who does all the things journalists are supposed to do (getting the facts right, talking to sources, respecting requests for ‘background only’ and ‘off the record,’ etc) that most of the clickbait sites never bother with. Our working title for the show is SNOW.”

Alongside Snow, Martin is working with HBO on developing Ten Thousand Ships, Sea Snake aka Nine Voyages, and Dunk and Egg show The Hedge Knight.

The Game of Thrones creator admitted this doesn’t mean they’re green-lit and would love them all to be, but in reality that probably wouldn’t be the case.

Amid all this news and the endless projects he’s working on, right at the end, he gave that update on The Winds of Winter fans really wanted.

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Martin wrote then: “WINDS, you say? Yes, still working. Finally finished a clutch of Cersei chapters that were giving me fits. Now I am wrestling with Jaime and Brienne. The work proceeds, though not as fast as many of you would like. That’s all for now.”

The book may be over a decade in the making, but now he’s working on Tyrion certainly indicates progress. Hang in there, A Song of Ice and Fire fans.

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