When is Black Friday 2021? Full dates

Smart shoppers look forward to Black Friday all year. Not only can you pick up thousands of best selling products at a fraction of their usual prices, the timing of the sale means you can make sure you’re ticking off your Christmas shopping list while saving a tonne on gifts. In order to make sure you’re prepared for the big day, we’ve got all the key dates, information on participating retailers, and the best deals you can expect so you have all the details you’ll need to make the most of the event.

When is Black Friday 2021?

For 2021, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 26. However, this isn’t the only date you’ll need to keep in mind.

Due to the popularity of the sales and the proximity to Christmas, many brands offer deals for the entirety of November which has led to the entire month being labelled ‘Black November’ by enthusiastic shoppers.

In order to take advantage of the lead-up, we recommend signing up for email alerts for all your favourite retailers to ensure you don’t miss out.

When is Cyber Monday 2021

Taking place the Monday following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is an online-only sales event that runs for 24-hours.

This year the event will run on Monday, November 29. As Black Friday originated in brick and mortar retail stores, Cyber Monday was an event that encouraged online shopping, as all the deals were from eCommerce retailers.

As online shopping has gained popularity, however, most Black Friday deals are also online meaning there isn’t much of a difference between the two events – but just gives shoppers another opportunity to save some money on purchases.

As the event takes place after Black Friday, some theorize that it’s even bigger as brands have been known to leverage hefty discounts on products that weren’t as popular with shoppers as they anticipated.

Which retailers participate in Black Friday?

Honestly, it would be quicker for us to tell you the ones that don’t.

Although the Black Friday sale originated in America, it has taken the UK by storm with major retailers clamouring to get a piece of the pie.

All the big ones like John Lewis, ALDI, ASOS, Dunelm, Argos, Currys, Dyson, Amazon and more have all been known to give major discounts – and as there are so many involved they’ll be competing for shoppers attention which can only mean one thing: bigger and better deals.

As well as these retail juggernauts, small to medium-sized businesses are starting to see the benefits of participating in this sale, so keep an eye on all your favourite brands to see what they’ve got on offer.

What deals can I expect to see this Black Friday?

Speaking of bigger and better deals, retailers are consistently trying to one-up their previous years’ effort which leads to better deals year on year – so take any of our predictions with a grain of salt (because they might be even bigger).

The top categories for Black Friday are usually tech, alcohol, apparel, and toys.

As we’ve already mentioned, the proximity to Christmas means that many shoppers have the holiday front of mind when they’re shopping – and brands are well aware of this.

Festive and popular gifting items like kids toys, festive-themed alcohol, and small tech items tend to get a good look in, as well as big-ticket items like TV’s, laptops, and household appliances.

We’ll be updating this page with more concrete predictions are we get hints closer to the event, but in the meantime check out some of the best deals from last year:

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