What star sign season is it now? How each star sign season impacts YOU

How each star sign season impacts YOU


Aries season occurs from around March 21 and ends on April 19, but the exact dates depend on when the Spring Equinox occurs.

Seth said: “Aries season could make you feel as if there are new and fresh beginnings. As if something is about to get started.

“You just might find yourself acting on these feelings by starting new projects or giving the OK to someone else to get moving based on your expertise.”


Taurus season comes around April 20 and will slow that Aries energy down a bit.

Seth said: “Relying on tradition and stability will lead the way.
“Habits and patterns will keep you comfortable while slow and steady will win the race.

“Investments are great here – financial, emotional, and relationships. Examine your traditions.”


Taurus season ends around May 20 and leads us all the way up to Gemini season on May 21.

Seth said: “Everyone can use a little Gemini energy!

“It keeps you asking more questions, exploring what’s possible, and trying new things.

“Reach out to build and strengthen relationships. Explore uncharted territory.”

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