What should you start your day with?

Most people like to kickstart their day with a cup of piping hot tea or coffee — a habit that has, over the years, become more of a ritual. But, according to experts, this habit could be doing more harm than good to your body. In an earlier interview with indianexpress.com, Dr Rohini Patil nutritionist and CEO of Nutracy Lifestyle, said that tea might be the ultimate comfort drink, but drinking it empty stomach every morning may upset your tummy or trigger stomach acids and wreck your digestion. But how?

“The morning tea can affect the washing out of bacteria from your mouth to your gut, which can disrupt your metabolism and cause indigestion and heartburn,” the expert had said. Agreed nutritionist Dr Karishma Shah, and explained that caffeine, being a diuretic in nature, can cause dehydrationsuggesting that drinking a glass of water before having your morning brew can be of great help.

Drinking water first thing in the morning can be beneficial for your health (Source: Getty Images )

“The PH values of tea and coffee are 4 and 5 respectively, due to which they can cause acidity. But consuming a glass of water kept at room temperature before drinking these beverages will help control the acid production,” Dr Garima Goyal, dietitian, told indianexpress.com adding that, “without this, in the long run, you may be at risk of developing heart burns or ulcers.”

Agreed Dr Ruchika Jain, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Fortis Hospital Vasant Kunj, and added that drinking water first thing in the morning is also important as the body is dehydrated after nighttime. 

“Water taken early morning decreases the chances of heartburn, acidity, and headaches by rehydrating the body,” she said, further pointing out that it also helps those suffering from “constipation by cleaning the gut and aiding in bowel movement.”

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