What happens to your body when you eat palak or spinach daily?

Spinach is a popular food item, a green leafy vegetable that dieticians insist you add to your everyday diet. It is packed with health benefits, and regular consumption can boost your iron content, protein, and also your immunity.

But, have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you eat spinach, also known as palak, every day? Garima Goyal, a dietician and nutritionist says it is safe to consume the leafy vegetable daily, as long as it is taken in “limited quantities”.

1. Daily dose of vitamins

“Spinach contains essential B-complex vitamins like folate, as well as vitamins A, C and K. Most diets lack one or more essential vitamins. Consuming a bowl of spinach every day would help you meet the daily requirements,” the expert says, adding that antioxidants in vitamin C promote “skin healing and prevent premature ageing”. Vitamin A ensures stronger immunity, and its anti-inflammatory action can reduce the inflammation and promote eye health.

2. Bone and muscle health

Goyal adds that spinach is a rich source of calcium that helps prevent osteoporosis and can be instrumental in boosting muscle growth as well, due to the formation of collagen.

3. Heart health

Spinach is especially good for heart health.

The iron content helps prevent anaemia by keeping haemoglobin levels high. Spinach also contains nitric oxide which drastically reduces your chances of atherosclerosis.

4. Sugar level control

Spinach is packed with fibre and magnesium, both of which are instrumental in reducing the risk of diabetes, promoting better sugar control. The fibre also decreases gastric delay and can prevent overeating.

“While these are some of the positives of eating spinach daily, having it in excess can cause adverse effects. Oxalic acid can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients like zinc and magnesium, and can even trigger kidney stone formation. This leafy vegetable can lead to minor immune response due to slight histamine content,” the dietician warns.

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