Wetherspoons to sell 99p pints and cheap drinks this November – ‘all hail to the Spoons!’

Christmas has come early as the super-pub is offering beer for 99p from November.

Still – not bad.

With over 900 Wetherspoons branches in the UK, you may be wondering what Spoons has in store for the remaining 200 or so pubs.

If your local Wetherspoons is not participating in the offer, a pint of real ale will be priced between £1.49 and £1.99.

A glass of wine will cost you between £1.99 and £2.79.


Finally, if you’re partial to a gin-based beverage, you can expect to pay between £1.99 and £2.99 for a Gordon’s gin mixer.

Non-alcoholic beverages will also be reduced, with hot drinks at 99p.

This bold offer from Spoons will get more patrons back in the pub post-pandemic.

News of slashed prices has caused a stir on Twitter.

Tony praised the decision, proclaiming, “All hail to the Spoons!”

Robert Mcnair had an alternative view: “Irrelevant really after the way Wetherspoons treated their staff.”

William Parry wrote: “I wouldn’t go into that Brexit supporting, staff hating Monster’s pub if there drinks were free.”

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