Wearable devices log record growth of 170% in March quarter

Chennai: Increasing focus on health and fitness along with a desire to proactively track vitals and domination of remote work has given a boost to the wearable devices market, which comprises fitness wristbands, watches and earwear.
India’s wearable market touched highest-ever first quarter shipment numbers in January-March. With a shipment size of 11.4 million units and 170% year-on-year (YoY) growth, wearables touched record highs owing to a strong momentum in the watch and earwear categories, according to data from IDC.

The watches segment alone grew 463% YoY in the quarter to become the fastest-growing category in wearables, replacing the leadership position occupied by earwear devices in the previous quarters. The earwear category grew 209% YoY with 9.3 million shipments. Analysts said the pandemic has led to the industry accelerating innovation and average selling price is also declining with more Indian makers entering the fray. Features to track health metrics in wrist wearables and truly wireless earwear devices are focus areas, they said.

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