War in Ukraine at a Critical Point Right Now, Says US President Joe Biden

Last Updated: January 06, 2023, 13:38 IST

Washington, United States

US President Biden takes a question after announcing the release of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserves at the White House in Washington, US (Image: Reuters)

Biden said he had a long discussion with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about Ukraine and their alliances in Europe and the EU

The war in Ukraine is at a critical point right now, US President Joe Biden said Thursday as the US and Germany announced additional support for Ukraine.

”Right now, the war in Ukraine is at a critical point. We have to do everything we can to help the Ukrainians resist Russian aggression. And Russia is not attempting to slow up. The actions they’re taking are as barbaric as they were a year ago, and they’re not letting up at all,” Biden told reporters during a Cabinet meeting.

Earlier this afternoon, Biden said, he had a long discussion with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about Ukraine and their alliances in Europe and the EU.

”We have a much larger contingent of countries that share our view, including Japan and others. But we talked about what we’re going to do,” he said.

”Today we jointly announced a statement saying that we’re going to increase support for Ukraine. We’re going to provide the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the Ukrainians, and the Germans are going to provide the Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles that they have to the Ukrainians,” Biden said.

”In addition, we’re going to help defend Ukraine against Russian air attacks. Germany has also announced today that it’s going to provide the Ukrainians to deal with air attacks, a Patriot air defense system. We’re going to provide an additional Patriot air defense battery. They work, and the Russians are beginning to realize that. They function well, and they’re helping a lot,” he said.

Earlier during a call, Biden and Scholz exchanged views on the ongoing war of aggression waged by Russia against Ukraine and reiterated their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence. “They reaffirmed their unwavering solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in the face of Russia’s aggression,” the White House said in a readout of the call.

Biden and Scholz expressed their common determination to continue to provide the necessary financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support to Ukraine for as long as needed.

”In light of Russia’s ongoing missile and drone attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, President Biden and Chancellor Scholz affirmed their intention to further support Ukraine’s urgent requirement for air defense capabilities.

In late December, the United States announced its donation of a Patriot air defense missile battery to Ukraine. Germany will join the United States in supplying an additional Patriot air defense battery to Ukraine,” said the White House.

During the call, Biden and Scholz expressed appreciation for the military support provided by other allies and partners to Ukraine, endorsed the ongoing coordination efforts of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, and welcomed additional donations of air defense systems and combat vehicles.

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