Vladimir Putin ‘could ‘kill a million’ as Russian leader’s ‘only fear’ exposed | World | News

Mr Browder discussed Russian President Putin’s mental health state exclusively with the Express. There has been much speculation globally as to whether Mr Putin is of sound health in the mind, due to his cruel actions. Mr Browder compared Mr Putin to the fictional Hannibal Lecter character who is a killer and a cannibal. The British American financier then went on to describe Putin as a cold-blooded killer for his crimes against the Ukrainian people.

Mr Browder added: “But everything else is the same.

“His heartbeat doesn’t start going faster when someone is being killed right in front of him.

“He could kill 100, 1000, 10,000 or a million and it wouldn’t affect his feelings at all.

“He has no feelings of empathy whatsoever, he’s a cold-blooded killer and the only thing he feels is fear for his own safety.”

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There has been much speculation as to whether Mr Putin is mentally well and in physically good health due to his actions in Ukraine.

Many Political commentators have been suspecting mental health problems or Parkinson’s disease, after claims that the Russian President is extremely paranoid.

Ex-KGB agent Boris Karpichkov said: “He sees literally everyone, including those inside the Russian security services and even inside his close inner circle, to be ‘traitors’.

“He is so suspicious and so obsessed with his paranoia ideas that he can be now compared with Stalin.”

Psychologist Frederick Coolidge has called Mr Putin an autocrat due to Mr Putin’s paranoid behaviours.

Putin has been well-known for holding meetings with other political figures, who he makes sit meters apart from him, in order not to catch germs and viruses like covid-19.

Mr Coolidge, who is currently working as a psychologist and professor at the University of Colorado, said: “[Autocrats] tend to have an excessive fear of death or infection. 

“They fear losing control, they fear losing everything and have a need to control everything. And they are not always rational about it.”

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