Virgo horoscope May 2021: What’s in store for Virgo in May?

Virgos are sensible and measured, and the transits in May will match their personality. Career opportunities will fall into your lap and you’ll find conversation, listening and learning really easy. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Virgo May 2021 horoscope predictions.

The main theme this May for Virgo is career expansion and absolutely smashing it at work.

Bex said: “Your career is in the spotlight at the beginning of the month Virgo, as your ruling planet Mercury moves into your Tenth House.

“This signals a period of being especially logical, analytical and strategic at work.

“You’ll be able to ace presentations, completely smash spreadsheets and articulate yourself in a way that impresses both superiors and peers because of your clear way of structuring your point of view.

“If you need to tie up a project or give a presentation, then May is the perfect time.”

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If you think you deserve more than you’re being offered at work, you’ve got to speak up in May, Virgo.

Bex said: “You’ve got the gift of the gab when it comes to negotiations this month so if you’re looking to ask for a raise or want a promotion then grab the opportunity this month!”

However, you might want to wait until Venus is in Gemini from May 9 onwards before you make the move.

Bex explained: “With Venus in Gemini, you’ll be well received at work and popular with your colleagues.

“In fact, you seem to radiate a warm professionalism that makes you extra charming – people want you on their team.”

Virgo is intelligent as it is, but with Mercury in Gemini this month you’ll breathe facts and information like it’s air!

Bex said: “Mercury is ‘at home’ in Gemini and brings the energy of amiable conversation and charismatic exchanges. We also find our minds are more agile and we have a thirst for knowledge.

“We don’t necessarily want to apply ourselves diligently to the task of learning something strenuous or applying full effort, but we do enjoy hopping between subjects and accumulating gems of knowledge to add intellectual sparkle to our conversation.”

This is really useful for Virgos who typically love expanding their talents but might not have the confidence to dip their toe into something new.

Bex advised: “Use this transit as a chance to flit between many topics and then decide what you want to dedicate the full force of that sharp intellect on at a later date.

“You might also find yourself taking short trips for business or having to head to networking events more than usual, and you can expect to be bombarded with a flurry of email communication that means it’s important to set boundaries regarding when you allow time for self-care and a break from technology!”

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Pisces is your opposite and soul mate sign and Jupiter is moving into this sign in mid-March.

This is great news for your relationship and love life, Virgo! Bex said: “Jupiter in Pisces will bring buoyancy and expansion to your relationship life for the next couple of months.

“If you’re single then look out for lucky breaks when it comes to your love life, while those in relationships can expect things to get a lot more romantic during the second half of May!

“You’ll also feel far more intuitive and compassionate regarding what your partner’s needs are.”

The first Lunar Eclipse of the year is occurring in Sagittarius on May 26, and you’re going to be rejigging your home environment.

Bex said: “There may be changes regarding where you live or you may choose to do some serious redecorating or renovating.

“The Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon where the earth crosses directly between the Sun and the Moon, and they tend to bring about huge changes.

“This could spur you into action regarding creating a space that’s more private, nurturing and secure, and nesting comes to the forefront of your mind as the month draws to a close.”

To find out more about your star sign and birth chart, visit Bex’s website here.

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