Village-Style Fish Curry Recipe: An Easy And Wholesome Curry For Indulgent Meal

Take a quick stroll on a bustling street in any Indian city and you are sure to notice throngs of fancy restaurants and must-try food spots. The aroma of fried and greasy dishes are ready to take over your taste buds and make you want to never leave these heavenly lanes, right? However, after a tiring day at work, there is nothing that soothes our desi soul more than a plate of simple home-cooked meal does! On that note, rustic preparations of the village-style curries are bouncing back to popularity as we are falling in love all over with its simplicity and flavours. If you are on the lookout for a simple yet wholesome curry to satiate your hunger on any given day, here is a village style fish curry that you can try.

Try an easy fish curry for a delicious lunch spread

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Fish is loved by non-veg lovers for its versatility of taste and easy to cook texture. No matter which region of the country you are from, we are sure there is some fish specialty enjoyed by you. The southern parts of the country have different prawns’ curries and the West Bengal region has its many delicious ‘maach’ recipes while the northern belt enjoys tantalizing fish tikkas and Amritsari fish fry. Keeping in mind a wide variety of cuisines and taste spread all over the country, here is a simple village style fish curry recipe that can be made with some of the most basic masalas commonly found in all Indian households. This recipe uses rohu fish; however, you can use any fish you like instead of that.

How To Make Village Style Fish Curry l Village Style Fish Curry Recipe:

Cut and thoroughly wash the fish of your choice. Marinate it with haldi, salt and red chili powder for 5-10 minutes. Make masalas out of the basic ingredients listed. In a pan add onions, masala paste, fried potatoes and other ingredients. Make a mushy and thick masala, add water to bring it to your desired consistency and add fish when it is almost done. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with fluffy white rice.

Click here for the recipe of Village Style Fish Curry.

Try out this easy and quick fish recipe, let us know if you liked how it turned out in the comments below.

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