Valentine’s Day drinks at Costa and Starbucks – the three tasty limited edition drinks

Valentine’s Day has arrived at Costa and Starbucks with new limited edition drinks now on the menu. The sweet treats are nothing short of indulgent, offering customers everything from creamy hot chocolates to hand-piped heart cookies. Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, the exclusive additions provide something for everyone – and these are all the new items on offer.

What’s new on the Costa menu?

Costa Coffee has launched a new ‘Cupid’s Cooler’ drink to commemorate Valentine’s Day 2022.

The clever twist on their existing berry cooler is complete with raspberry and rich chocolate.

Available for two weeks only, the new item is expected to be a hit with Costa-loving customers in the run-up to the most romantic day of the year.

Combining two delicious flavours, the cooler is blended from tart raspberries to create a deep red hue.

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Once the drink has been topped with whipped cream, Belgian chocolate sauce is generously drizzled over the top and finished with dried strawberry sprinkles.

Costa’s exclusive Cupid’s Cooler will be available between Thursday, February 3 and Thursday, February 17.

To announce the exciting launch, Costa shared an enticing tweet which read: “It’s time to make a real commitment to deliciousness. Feel good this Valentine’s Day and indulge with the new raspberry and Belgian chocolate Cupid’s Cooler – available from the 3rd to 17th February”.

Berry Hot Chocolate

This one-off drink is guaranteed to satisfy a sweet tooth, loaded up with warming flavours.

Silky and smooth in texture, the hot chocolate is made up of steamed milk infused with tasty chocolate.

To finish it off, the already indulgent treat is topped with what appears to be a baby pink cream and decorated with pink chocolate powder.

If you’re looking to try it, expect prices to vary based on the size of your drink.

Berry Iced Cappuccino

Served in a tall glass, the iced drink combines a fruity base with a creamy topping.

The orange, peach hue of the liquid is topped with an equal measure of the same berry froth as their limited edition hot chocolate.

Featuring a more uniform design, the sizeable layer of cream has a neat strip of pink dusting served on the top.

While the prices of the new products are yet to be revealed by Starbucks UK, the two drinks will be available for a limited time only, so it’s best to get in fast if you want to try them.

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