Valentine’s Day: Six romantic houseplants to gift – and how to care for them

Pink Passion

A luxurious yet affordable option, the pink-hued variety of Arrowhead plants are particularly easy to care for.

The heart-shaped leaves make Pink Passion an obvious choice for a Valentine’s Day gift, with its unusual combination of pink and green hues able to brighten up any empty corner.

Officially known as the syngonium podophyllum, this low maintenance house plant combines the perfect balance of grandeur with tropical flair.

This romantic variety should be kept in a warm, humid spot with filtered light to maintain the subtle gradient of salmon pink through the green leaves.

Elin explained: “Arrowhead plants will continue to look full and bushy with appropriate pruning, but be sure to handle them with protective gloves as their sap can irritate the skin, which is the last thing you want on Valentine’s Day!

“If you have a hard time finding Pink Passion, consider another variety of Arrowhead plant called ‘neon robusta’, as they are more widely available and have a very similar look and care regime, too.”

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