US ‘Concerned’ By Taliban Government Makeup But Will Look At ‘Actions’

The Taliban swiftly toppled the 20-year-old Western-backed government last month (File)

The United States said it was concerned about members of a Taliban government named Tuesday but said it would judge it by actions, including letting Afghans leave freely.

“We note the announced list of names consists exclusively of individuals who are members of the Taliban or their close associates and no women. We also are concerned by the affiliations and track records of some of the individuals,” a State Department spokesperson said as Secretary of State Antony Blinken held talks on Afghanistan in Qatar.

“We understand that the Taliban has presented this as a caretaker cabinet. However, we will judge the Taliban by its actions, not words.”

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday praised the Unites Nation’s role in Afghanistan where the Taliban seized control last month and said its work has never been more important.

Blinken met UN Under-Secretary-General Martin Griffiths and discussed the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, ANI reported. 

Here are the LIVE updates on the Afghanistan Crisis:

US embarrassed by private sector Afghan evacuations

President Joe Biden has promised to do everything in his power to rescue Americans stranded in Afghanistan and fearful of violent Taliban reprisals following the US military withdrawal.

But limited resources and diminished political leverage have opened the way for evacuation missions led by Republican politicians, former military personnel and private organizations that risk embarrassing the White House, AFP reported. 

UN hopes to soon deliver aid to Afghanistan by land

The United Nations hopes to deliver aid to Afghanistan by land soon, a senior UN official said Tuesday, adding that a new representative of the global body was en route to the country.

“We would like to see the beginning of road travel in from other countries for supplies,” said Martin Griffiths, the undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator.

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