Universal Credit CUT: 14 areas hit worst by UC cuts – is yours one? | Personal Finance | Finance

Roughly 20 percent of the local population is on working benefits in these areas, and people have a life expectancy between 55 and 60.

As they lose the extra uplift, the rug will pull out from millions of these people, potentially worsening their current health.

Many of these areas already have much lower average incomes and rising debts.

An earlier report commissioned by the Northern Health Science Alliance found a significant north-south divide in the effects of the pandemic.

Covid mortality rates in northern England were 17 percent higher than in the south.

Patients suffering from the disease also occupied ten percent more hospital beds than those in the south.

Already depressed wages in northern regions collapsed from around £543.90 a week to £541.90.

Unemployment surged 19 percent higher than the rest of England.

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