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Uncharted already has a legendary pedigree. The Sony video game has a number of successful titles under its belt, so placing Spider-Man star Holland in the role of its protagonist was a natural for the series. The British actor has explained how “difficult” it was for him to play the suave thrill-seeker on the big screen – despite having played the Marvel hero six times already.

Holland explained how he had his own moment reminiscent of School of Rock’s Lawrence: He didn’t feel cool enough. He said: “One of the most difficult things about this character was playing ‘the cool guy.'” He added: “Historically, I’ve always sort of played the outsider who doesn’t particularly have many friends and isn’t the cool kid.” (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

Of course, Parker is an uncool teenager who struggles to even talk to girls or stand up to his bullies (despite the fact he could literally destroy them). This character trait seems to have become ingrained in the actor.

Holland continued: “So Nathan Drake is the complete opposite, and that was something that took me a while to get used to and feel comfortable doing.” 

Although he struggled to feel cool while getting into the skin of Nathan Drake, Holland did find himself relishing some of the stunts he endured during Uncharted’s production.

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Holland revealed that, despite his initial reluctance to be “cool”, he did achieve the feeling while filming the high-octane moment. He said: “It’s a pretty cool thing when someone says: ‘How was your day today?’ And I’m like: ‘Hey, I got hit by a car 17 times.’ And people are like: ‘Wait, what?'”

Holland added that he felt extremely “proud” of the new movie, and the work he put into it.

Holland said: “I think it’s one of the best stunts in the movie. It’s really, really cool and that would have to be one of the highlights.”

Although no sequel to Uncharted has been mentioned just yet, the Spidey actor has already pointed at which other video game he would want to be a part of. He recently told Gamespot: “I would like to make a Jak and Daxter movie, and I would play Jak. I would make it at A24, so it was really weird and like dark… I would do like a really weird, live-action version of Jak and Daxter.”

Uncharted is in cinemas now.


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