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Indiana Jones and The Da Vinci Code are clear influences but really this is just a string of breathless action sequences for Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. The Brit plays thinly sketched Nathan Drake who, after growing up in an orphanage with his now-missing brother Sam, embarked on an unlikely career as free-running pickpocket/cocktail mixologist.

After a perfunctory flashback to his childhood, we see Nathan impress Mark Wahlberg’s mysterious punter Victor “Sully” Sullivan by stealing the bracelet of a young woman who visits the bar. 

Sully, some sort of explorer, invites him on a globe-trotting mission to find his brother and track down the treasure of 16th century explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Unfortunately, evil billionaire Moncada (Antonio Banderas) and his crew, including knife-wielding Braddock (Tati Gabrielle), are also after the bounty.

Highlights include an acrobatic foot chase and a fight that takes place across the decks of two Spanish galleons being airlifted by helicopters. 

It’s pacy and Fleischer makes good use of Holland’s Spider-Man training. But Holland is no Harrison Ford.

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