Ukraine-Russia LIVE: Putin arrests children in brutal protest clampdown -support crumbling | World | News

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned Russian attacks on Ukraine are likely to “get worse” as fighting enters its seventh day. 

He warned the escalation was likely to come as a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin realising that the invasion “is behind schedule considerably”. 

Speaking to Sky News, he said: “While we’ve seen some footage today of Russian forces in Kharkiv – potentially in the middle of the city – they don’t hold the city.

“They are taking casualties the Russians and they are finding it very slow going.

“What you’re seeing now is the heavy bombardments at night, they wont come into the cities as much they have… carpet bombed cities indiscriminately in some cases.

“They will slowly but surely try to surround the cities and either bypass them or bombard them.

“That is the reality and am afraid its going to get worse The Russian doctrine is to get harder and tougher.”

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