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Olga from Burton-on-Trent also accused the United States of chomping at the bit for a deadly war with Russia as launched a blistering takedown of the country she calls home. The Russian, who said she is orginally from Siberia, also insisted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s almost 200,000 strong troop build up on Ukraine’s border is totally innocent.

She told LBC’s Rachel Johnson: “The only two countries that seemed to be wanting this war is the UK and America!”

But Rachel Johnson snapped back, asserting US President Joe Biden has clearly stated he neither wants a war, supports a war or would even engage US troops in war with Russia. 

But Olga insisted Russia is not going to war and accused British and American media of “hype” around potential invasion.

And she refused to pin any blame or reason for the tensions on President Putin and the hundreds of thousands of men he has lined up on Ukraine’s borders.

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Pushed on the issue of Putin’s troop build up, she claimed: “Has anybody counted them? I am not following it that close to count each single soldier!

“It is all questionable where the border is! They are on Russian territory, they are not invading Ukraine!”

She added: “Ukraine say they don’t want an invasion, Russian say so (too), but the two countries talking constantly about war, and a shameful war, like it was in Iraq and Afghanistan, is America and the UK.”

Ms Johnson hit back, referencing the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea by Russia and the subsequent war in the Donbas which has seen Russia provide support for separatists fighting the Ukrainian government.

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Mr Shoigu slammed Mr Wallace for the UK’s deliveries of lethal arms and military trainers to Ukraine, which Mr Wallace said were purely for defensive purposes in the case of a potential invasion.

Mr Shoigu also added his distrust of Britain saying cooperation was “close to zero” after he demanded a reason as to why the British Government had supposedly sent UK Special Forces into Ukraine. This is an unverified claim because the Ministry of Defence refuse to comment on actions of UK Special Forces.

Following the crunch talks, Mr Wallace said “Shoigu is a professional and very experienced minister” adding that talks were “frank and constructive”. He added “when they say they aren’t going to invade Ukraine we take it seriously” though he noted “but look at the actions that accompany it” as he drew on the enormous build-up of troops.

In a sobering assessment, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We stand on the edge of a precipice and things are as dangerous as I have seen them in Europe for a very, very long time.

“The lesson of the last 100 years is that when Poland is threatened with instability, or aggression on the borders of Poland, then we are all threatened and we’re all affected.”

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