UK on alert as Russia growing bolder ‘Could spill over very quickly!’ | World | News

Tensions between London and Moscow “could spill over very quickly” a Russia policy expert has warned. Moscow Times Journalist Jake Cordell issued the warning on GB News after RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday to respond to four Russian military planes nearing UK airspace. 

Mr Cordell told GB News: “These kinds of military standards have been going on they’ve been escalating a little bit over the past few years.

These kinds of near flybys or you deploying a ship close very, very close to the international borders and it’s really a show of force.

“This was a show of force on the Russian part and the UK responded with a show for saying, yes, we know about it. We’re watching you, we’re ready to respond.

“I think this is the kind of tit for tat military moves both sides want to show they have the force but at the same time, they’re both quite scared, reluctant, the feeling is in Moscow, perhaps as well, that they don’t want to go too far because it might just take one or two misfires or sort of plane flying a few 100 metres in the wrong direction.

“And because of the amount of troops and how high the tensions are, it could spill over very, very quickly.”

Judith Sloan from The Australian newspaper warned Russia holds the power to “put its foot on the throat” of the German economy.

She warned that in the event tensions over Ukraine escalate, the Kremlin could act to reduce the flow and increase the prices for natural gas going to Europe and Germany.

Moscow has been fuelling fears of a new conflict in Europe by massing troops on the border with Ukraine over concerns the nation could seek to join NATO.

She added: “They pay a toll to Ukraine Government that there is suggestion that there might be some leakage shall I put it that way.

That I think, represents an extraordinary complex foreign policy dilemma.” 

President Putin has said he does not intend to order an invasion of Ukraine, but there are more than 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s eastern border, backed by tanks, artillery, helicopters, and warplanes.

This week the Pentagon said US President Joe Biden was ordering around 2,000 more troops to Poland and Germany this week and roughly 1,000 more who are already based in Germany will go to Romania.

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