Tunisia news: Baby rescued after drifting a mile into sea while parents were ‘distracted’ | World | News

On 5pm local time (4pm GMT) in Kelibia, Tunisia, on Saturday the baby was lost by its “momentarily distracted” parents. Authorities believe the baby, who was in a pink rubber ring, blew out to sea because of strong winds. The child was not harmed after her voyage.

After realising their child had gone missing, the parents alerted the authorities.

A video, taken from a jet ski, showed the little girl being pulled towards the vehicle by a lifeguard.

It then shows the coast in the distance, revealing just how far the infant had drifted out.

Together, the man in the water and the man on the jet ski lift the crying child onto the jet ski and clip her in before speeding off to the safety of the shore.

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In Rhyl, in the Welsh county of Denbighshire, a little girl also needed to be rescue after drifting to sea on an inflatable dinghy.

She was pulled to safety by lifeguards after being spotted out at sea by an eagle-eyed member of the public on the shore.

Despite being tethered to the shore, the line had become detached and the inflatable had drifted out to sea with the child onboard.

A 999 call was made to the Coastguards which resulted in the launch of the RNLI inshore lifeboat.


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