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Donald Trump has been dropping hints for months about a potential attempt to regain the White House from Joe Biden in the next presidential election of 2024. But Dr Jan Halper-Hayes suggested the 45th US President could make a comeback sooner than expected should the Republicans succeed in winning back both houses of Congress in Novembers’ midterms. Dr Halper-Hayes suggested talks have been progressing among GOP and conservative supporters to secure Mr Trump in the position of Speaker of the House, which she claims would give him the power to impeach both President Biden and Kamala Harris.

Speaking to GB News, the political commentator said: “This is the talk that’s been going on for six or seven months and that is, right now, 29 Democrats in the House have said they’re not running again.

“The prediction is we’re going to take the House and the Senate. They’re talking about Trump being the Speaker of the Senate and then he will be able to impeach Biden and Harris.

“And then he will be able to take over because he’ll be third in line to do that. A lot of the Republican and conservative commentators have been talking about this with a lot of detail.

“Dan Scavino, who handles his social media, keeps sending hints out to us, we get messages in circuitous ways but don’t jump to 2024.”

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Under the US Constitution, the Speaker of the House – a position currently held by Democrat Nancy Pelosi – is not required to be an incumbent member of the House of Representatives but no unelected speaker has ever served in the history of the US.

The Speaker is the effective leader of the House, serving as presiding officer during sessions, and is third in the line of succession in the event of an emergency preventing both the US President and the Vice President from performing their duties.

But GB News host Stephen Dixon questioned the suggested plot, claiming it would be dismissed as “totally corrupt” if such an attempt were to be carried out in other countries.

Mr Dixon said: “Forgive me Jan for jumping in but I can’t help but reflect, because we’re talking so much about Russia at the moment.

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“What I’m saying is watch what’s happening in the States, watch the people Trump is endorsing, watch after the midterms what happens. If we take the House, things are going to turn upside down among our whole political situation.”

Donald Trump has yet to confirm whether he will be running again against Joe Biden in 2024 but he has been dropping hints he might be considering the possibility.

In a video that emerged this week, Mr Trump referred to himself as the “45th and 47th President” while playing golf on one of his courses across the United States.

He has continued to contest the results of the 2020 US Election, which saw President Biden secure the highest number of popular votes of any presidential candidate in history.

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