This ‘wonderful Ayurvedic remedy’ will help balance low blood pressure

A blood pressure range of less than 120/80 mm Hg is considered normal. However, if your blood pressure reading is lower than 90 mm Hg for 120 (systolic) or 60 mm Hg for 80 (diastolic), then it is considered low. Also known as hypotension, the condition can lead to symptoms like dizziness, weak pulse, fatigue, nausea, and also vision issues.

While low blood pressure can be managed through medicines, according to Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya, “drinking a glass of normal water with ½ tsp of Himalayan salt (2.4 gm to be precise) is all you need to balance low blood pressure.”

In an Instagram post, Dr Dixa added that in Ayurveda, Himalayan salt is “one of the rare elements that balance all three doshas. It is salty, slightly sweet in taste, cold in potency, and light to digest.”

“We believe that salt usually increases pitta, but saindhav lavana, being cold in potency, helps to balance the pitta, making it a good choice for people with skin diseases. Also, it balances vayu and helps to relieve chest congestion by expelling sputum,” Dr Dixa added.

Agreed Dr Archana Sukumaran, an Ayurveda doctor (BAMS) at Kerala Ayurveda, who said, “Himalayan salt improves the body’s sodium-ion balance and fluid level which, in turn, help balance low blood pressure. In Ayurveda, Himalayan salt is considered to be better in comparison to table salt as it has around 84 trace minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium etc.”

According to Dr Archana, Ayurveda considers Saindhava as pathya or suitable for daily use as compared to normal salt, and avidahi, that it doesn’t cause a burning sensation. Also, it is used in panchakarma treatments like vamana (medicine-induced vomiting to remove toxins) and virechana (medicated enema) as it helps in the expulsion of doshas.

“Additionally, Himalayan salt is good for digestion, improves appetite and it is recommended for respiratory health as it balances kapha,” Dr Archana told


Dr Dixa further listed the following benefits of drinking Himalayan salt water:

Stabilises blood pressure : Himalayan salt is high in potassium which helps to control blood pressure and maintains balance.

Hydrates body: Drinking plain water is good for flushing out toxins but in the process, it may also dilute and eliminate some important minerals. Adding Himalayan salt to water helps in hydrating the body as well as replenishing the lost minerals.

Promotes digestion and boosts metabolism: Himalayan salt is an excellent home remedy for digestive problems. Having a pinch of Himalayan salt with ajwain (carom seeds) and hing (asafoetida) helps relieve bloating, stomach pain, etc.

Adding Himalayan salt to water helps in hydrating your body. (Photo: Pexels)

Boosts immune system: Regular consumption of Himalayan salt with water provides essential vitamins, minerals, and boosts immunity. Also, it strengthens the bones and is useful in anaemia because of its iron content.

Helps reduce muscle cramps: People experiencing muscle cramps due to nutritional deficiency and electrolyte imbalance can mix a spoon of rock salt in water and sip it to get relief within a few minutes.

Relieves stress: Consuming a small amount of rock salt in soup or taking a bath with warm water mixed with rock salt can relieve stress and activate your brain. It gives a calm effect and relaxes the body and mind leading to sound sleep.

Relieves sore throat: Turmeric saltwater gargle is a common home remedy for sore throat. It is a decongestant and helps relieve a blocked nose, cough, and clears the nasal and throat cavity.

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