This is why you could be feeling hungry after having an early dinner

Do you often find yourself rummaging through the fridge at night after having an early dinner? If the answer to that question is an emphatic yes, and it leads you to snack on chips, popcorn, chocolates, or anything fried, then you are at the right place. According to dietitian Simrat Kathuria, while it is “completely normal” to feel hungry after having dinner, how you satiate those cravings is what matters.

“Whenever you feel hungry are you in a habit to grab a packet of chips, a slice of pizza, popcorn, a chocolate bar, or some sweets? We already know that these snacks are unhealthy and should be avoided as they lead to weight gain,” she wrote on Instagram, adding that one should ensure to “eat snacks that are healthy, nutritious and will keep you full for longer.”

So what are these snacks? Check out what she had to say in her Instagram post below:

According to Kathuria, this is what can help.

*Make sure you eat your snack one hour before going to bed. This way, your belly will settle, and food will be easily digested.

*Also aim for a balanced snack with essential of carbs, fat, and protein. A balanced snack will keep the blood sugar levels balanced and full throughout the night.

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*You should resist the urge to eat a big snack at bedtime. “Treating bedtime snack like a meal will not be healthy,” she said.

*Never skip your dinner.

Are you eating right at dinner? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Adding, Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, chief clinical dietician, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore told

* Include foods that are more filling and low on calories, like those rich in fibre and protein as they keep one satiated for long, as they take a longer time to get digested. Some of these foods are salads, eggs, chicken, lentils, millets, etc.

*Increase portion size of vegetables and proteins, and reduce portion size of carbohydrates. For example, reduce the number of rotis and rice, increase portion size of dal and vegetables.

*Avoid consuming simple carbs and sugary items for dinner, as it leads to vicious sweet cravings after.

* If you are really hungry, have a glass of milk before bed time, but avoid snacking on high sugar foods.

* Apart from diet, some other factors that lead to post-dinner cravings are: high stress levels, high blood sugar levels, eating too quickly, being distracted when eating.

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