The Rolling Stones: Brian Jones’ girlfriend accuses one person for star’s death | Music | Entertainment

Marion came to this conclusion based on her own research. It should be noted that Marion didn’t know Jones was her father until 2002 but has remained loyal ever since.

She’s not alone in questioning the official sequence of events though, as, in 2013, Wohlin sat down with the Mirror to discuss that night. She revealed: “Brian is still portrayed as a bitter, worn-out and depressed man who was fired because of his drug habit … and who died because he was drunk or high. But my Brian was a wonderful, charismatic man who was happier than ever, had given up drugs and was looking forward to pursuing the musical career he wanted.”

However, she claimed that Thorogood was responsible, added: “I don’t know if Frank meant to kill Brian – maybe it was horseplay in the pool that went wrong. But I knew all along he did not die a natural death. I’m still sure of it.”

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