The most unattractive colour to wear and paint your home with

Love isn’t blind when it comes to interior choices either, with research conducted by sustainable home decor brand Lick revealing that Brits really DO care about the colour of their partner’s walls at home.

A staggering 70 percent of Brits think that a partner’s decor style has the potential to give them the ‘ick’.

Natasha Bradley, Head Colour Specialist at Lick said: “How we style the interiors of our homes and ourselves are really good indicators of who we are, so it makes a lot of sense that colours also play a part in the dating world.

“Often couples who have similar interior decor styles and attitudes to their home can find more harmony in their home life.

“Whether it’s the colour of the walls in your home or your date-night outfit, there’s so much joy to be found with colours that make us feel happier, romantic and energised.”

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