The best sleeping position according to Ayurveda is…

Sound sleep is essential for smooth everyday functioning. From enhancing productivity, mood, energy levels, and concentration to also keeping the mental and physical health in check — good sleep is responsible for maintaining overall well-being. As such, lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can have a host of long-term consequences.

Apart from practising habits such as staying away from caffeine and screen hours before hitting the bed, deep breathing, and limiting daytime naps among other things, it’s also important to pay special focus towards the direction and position of your sleep, according to Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar shared the Ayurvedic science of sleep direction and said, “you should never sleep with your head facing north.” Further, she detailed the impact of sleeping in different directions.


Dr Bhavsar explained that if one sleeps with their head towards the north, they won’t get a night of restful sleep and are “likely to wake up exhausted from the unconscious war that has been going on all night long”. This is because the north of the Earth is positively charged, just like the head of the human being. Two positively charged magnets are likely to create havoc in the mind.

“This magnetism is understood, Ayurvedically, to affect blood circulation, stress and cause disturbance of the mind,” she said.


If you are engaged in a learning activity and need to nurture your memory, east is the preferred sleep direction, the expert suggested. “With your circulations, it is said to improve concentration, promote meditative sleep and very good health.”

Sleeping head west could give you an unsettled night’s sleep. (Source: Pexels)


She added that according to Vastu Shastra, sleeping with head pointing to the west could give you an unsettled night’s sleep as “this is the direction of striving which could possibly give you unsettling dreams and not a very restful sleep”.


Sleeping with your head to the south is considered the direction of deep and heavy sleep. “As South is negatively charged and your head is positively charged, there is a harmonious attraction between your head and the direction. Instead of energy being pulled out if you sleep with your head to the north, energy is drawn into your body promoting health, happiness and prosperity. That means you should sleep like a log with your head facing south,” she explained.

If you are facing trouble sleeping well, try changing the direction of sleeping tonight to see what happens!

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