The Beatles: Paul McCartney chooses his top three John Lennon songs | Music | Entertainment

“If you know someone that long from your early teenage years to your late twenties, that’s an awful long time to be collaborating with someone and you grow to know each other and even when you’re apart you’re still thinking about each other, you’re still referencing each other…

“Obviously Imagine and Instant Karma is great and the nice thing was, when I listen to the records, I can imagine him in the studio and go, ‘Oh ok, I know what he’s done. He’s just said to the engineer, “Gimme some Elvis echo.. Bog echo.”

“Bog is the toilet in Liverpool, but we just called it bog echo… But I can imagine him saying, ‘I want that’ and getting in the headphones with that and recording a lot of his stuff that way.”

But there is sill one track that Paul always singles out.

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