The Beatles dodged death during road trip disaster | Music | Entertainment

After the band had found their positivity once again, McCartney explained they dug themselves out of the sticky situation they were in: “We sort of went up the bank, we thumbed a lift, we got the lorry driver to take us, and Mal, our roadie, sorted the van and everything.

“So that was kind of our career. And I suppose that’s like how I ended up being a musician and a songwriter: ‘Something will happen.’ It’s so stupid it’s brilliant. It’s great if you’re ever in that sort of panic attack: ‘Oh, my God,’ or, ‘Ahhh, what am I going to do?'”

He also noted that, since the band became stranded in the snow on the side of the road, he has told “quite a few people”: “When you’re in your darkest moments, just remember that incredibly intelligent Beatles quote: ‘Something’ll happen.'”

Interestingly enough, McCartney later became embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding a car crash.

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