The 50 highest paying large and medium-sized companies

From Microsoft to GoodRx, these 100 companies have the highest amount of employee satisfaction when it comes to their compensation and benefits.


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Workplace transparency website Comparably has released a list of 100 companies that it said have the highest rate of compensation satisfaction among employees. What makes this particular study interesting is the fact that all the data it presents was collected completely anonymously, which is a good thing for job seekers looking for honest assessments, and hiring managers looking for tips on how to approach hiring.

Comparably divided the list of top employers for compensation by size, splitting the lists between companies with more than 500 employees, and those with fewer. Interestingly, Comparably pointed out that, among businesses that made the list, 84% of those from large companies and 88% of those from smaller companies said they were fairly paid. Only 48% of employees site-wide said the same.

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On a related note, 88% of those from large companies and 92% of those from smaller ones said they were satisfied with their benefits, while only 64% side-wide said the same. 

“In order to recruit and retain top talent today, companies need to provide competitive compensation across the board. Employees from the top-notch companies on our annual Best Compensation list say they feel valued and more motivated to do a great job because their organizations are invested in them to help drive the business forward,” said Comparably co-founder and CEO Jason Nazar. 

For brevity, only the top 15 from each list will be included here. Please note, Comparably did not include salary data in this report, only company names and locations. 

Best large companies for compensation 

  1. Microsoft, Redmond, WA
  2. Adobe, San Jose, CA
  3. RingCentral, Belmont, CA
  4. Facebook, Menlo Park, CA
  5. Boston Consulting Group, Boston, MA
  6. Peloton, New York, NY
  7. Google, Mountain View, CA
  8. Credit Karma, Oakland, CA
  9. Zoom Video, San Jose, CA
  10. UiPath, New York, NY
  11. SAP, Newtown Square, PA
  12. SentinelOne, Mountain View, CA
  13. ZoomInfo, Vancouver, WA
  14. nCino, Wilmington, NC
  15. Bell, Fort Worth, TX

Best SMBs for compensation

  1. GoodRx, Santa Monica, CA
  2. Pipefy, San Francisco, CA
  3. Mixpanel, San Francisco, CA
  4. Nylas, San Francisco, CA
  5. Alida, Toronto, Canada
  6. Eargo, San Jose, CA
  7. Fetch Rewards, Chicago, IL
  8., San Francisco, CA
  9. Civic Financial Services, Redondo Beach, CA
  10. Namely, New York, NY
  11. Vena Solutions, Toronto, Canada
  12. Deem, Oakland, CA
  13. Stack Overflow, New York, NY
  14. MannKind Corporation, Westlake Village, CA
  15. Flywire, Boston, MA

Comparably’s awards website has the full top compensation reports, as well as dozens of other top employer lists in categories like leadership, best workplaces in particular cities, best companies for career growth and more. TechRepublic last covered this list from Comparably
in 2018

, and it’s worth nothing that there has been some big changes in that short period of time. 

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