The 15 best essential oil diffusers 2022: Home, ceramic and for small spaces


The 15 best essential oil diffusers in 2022. (Image: LookFantastic)

There’s nothing better than walking into a room that’s been fragranced with a beautifully calming scent and a diffuser is one of the best additions to any space. Diffusers are also great for unwinding and relieving stuffy air, making winter the perfect time to use them.

Whether you prefer floral, citrusy or pomegranate scents, there are plenty of essential oil diffusers that can uplift any home. Create a calm atmosphere in the bedroom to help you unwind before bed or add a welcoming scent to your living room.

Diffusers can also be used to effectively disguise unpleasant scents so they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. 

With so many options online, here at is a round up of the best essential oil diffusers you can buy to scent every type of space, with every budget in mind. 

Ciarc Essential Oil Diffuser.

Ciarc Essential Oil Diffuser. (Image: Amazon)

There are seven different colours that you can brighten or dim a room with the Ciarc Essential Oil Diffuser, making it the perfect bedroom night light. Plus, there are three different modes that allow you to fully mist a room, mist intermittently or just leave a light on.

Quiet and easy to use, it also humidifies dry spaces and relieves stuffy air which is essential during winter.

Buy it from Amazon (£17.99 on sale).

Best ceramic diffuser

Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser.

Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser. (Image: LookFantastic)

Instantly relieve and feel calm with the Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser which operates at the touch of a button and dispenses a fine mist of natural essential oils in a large space.

With options for low lighting making it suitable for day and night use, this diffuser is one of the most popular picks; accompany it with essential oils from Neom.

Buy it from LookFantastic, Marks and Spencer (£95).

Best waterless diffuser

Oureraell Essential Oil Diffuser Set

Oureraell Essential Oil Diffuser Set. (Image: Amazon)

This essential oil diffuser comes together with six different essential oils with scents that include lavender, rose, orange, lemon and mint.

With 14 different lighting settings, it suits a variety of spaces and is sure to flood any room with beautiful scents.

Buy it from Amazon (£32.99).

Best handheld diffuser

Valieno Essential Oil Diffuser

Valieno Essential Oil Diffuser. (Image: Amazon)

With a cute design that’s got a cuddly bear face, this is great for little kids and is made from BPA0-free materials so it’s also safe for pregnant women and babies.

It can also be used as a warm night light and is a great addition to a nursery.

Buy it from Amazon (£14.99).

Best diffuser for mood lighting

Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe Ceramic Diffuser

Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe Ceramic Diffuser. (Image: Green People)

If you want to create a relaxing, spa environment at home, the Alexandra Kay Time to Breathe diffuser will instantly calm with a soothing mist.

It has a gentle sound and is especially calming when used before bed or during a massage.

Buy it from Green People (£75).

Best decorative diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Art Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Art Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser. (Image: Amazon)

Made from glass, this essential oil diffuser has a unique swirled design and is great for art lovers as it looks like an artwork.

Simple to use with seven colour settings and super quiet, it is also a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Buy it from Amazon (£27.19).

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