The 10 best volumising mascaras in 2021 for a false lash effect

There’s a fine line between volumising and clumpy, and if you’ve been burned in the past it might be hard for you to trust that you won’t be burned again. However, the 10 mascaras we’ve rounded up below are the best of the best, and you’ll be amazed at home they can take your previously lack-lustre lashes to the thick, dramatic lashes you thought you could only get with false lashes.

The formulation of this mascara adds length and thickness without clumping or smudging throughout the day.

With a couple of sweeps of the mascara wand, you can double the size of your lashes and achieve that false lash effect everyone wants without actually having to apply them.

RRP: £11.99, on sale now for £4.49 – you save £7.50

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This deep black mascara has a volumising effect that’s easily buildable, so you can be more subtle one day and dramatic the next.

Deeply hydrating jojoba oil has been infused into the formula so you can maintain the health of your lashes while you wear it.

RRP: £9.61, on sale now for £9 – you save £0.61

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The wand of this mascara has an innovative design with a curved silicone brush with six different size bristles so you can ensure every individual lash looks volumised without being clumpy.

RRP: £8.99, on sale now for £5.85 – you save £3.14

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The built-in mirror on this mascara wand has a zooming effect so you see each individual lash and make sure they’re all covered in the product.

Ideal for long days, this mascara will stay in place without flaking or smudging for up to 16 hours.

RRP: £12.02

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Curling while adding volume, this mascara lifts the lashes which makes them appear longer as well as thicker.

The formula holds that shape all day long so you don’t have to worry about re-applying throughout.

RRP: £7.99, on sale now for £5.81 – you save £2.18

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When we think of Bambi we remember those long, luscious lashes – and this mascara is the secret to getting them for yourself.

The curved mascara wand reaches all the lashes from in the very inner corner and keeps the curl in place all day.

RRP: £10.99, on sale now for £7.99 – you save £3

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A tapered, curled brush head gives you the power to sculpt and define your lashes while never looking clumpy.

RRP: £5.14

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This mascara comes with two different ends so that you can mix up the look you’re after day by day.

One end is for dramatic volume and lift, whereas the other one is for curl and length.

The formula has been enriched with natural gripping waxes and fibers to make the full lash look easy.

RRP: £24

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If you’re someone who needs a mascara that will stay in place through almost anything, this smudge-proof mascara that lasts up to 36 hours will be your new favourite product.

The formula uses ProVitain B5 to strengthen the lashes so you’re enhancing the natural thickness of your lashes with each wear.

RRP: £22.50, on sale now for £18 – you save £4.50

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This best-selling mascara is many people’s holy grail product, and really is one of a kind.

The formula is enriched with film-firming polymers and collagen so you are coating each lash with glossy and dramatic volume, while the hourglass-shaped brush ensures you’re getting into the innermost corners of your eyes.

RRP: £22

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