Tesco news: Supermarket extends click and collect with new virtual service

Tesco has regularly updated its customers with lockdown rules throughout the pandemic which involved extending its home delivery service. The retailer also made its Click+Collect service widely available around the country and has introduced a new virtual service.

Tesco added: “To make sure your phone is set up correctly, please try scanning the QR code with your camera app. If the Tesco homepage opens or a link to tesco.com pops up, then you’re ready to go.”

The test QR code can be found on the supermarkets website. 

However this is only being trialled at certain locations and customers will be able to see what Tesco stores it is available at when booking a slot. 

Normal Click+Collect is still available for shoppers across the country.

Tesco has also increased the number of slots it is offering for home delivery.

However due to high demand, the supermarket is asking customers to still shop in-store.

The retailer said: “There’s still high demand for our online service, so we’d encourage you to shop in-store if you’re able to do so, where we have a number of safety measures in place.

“To help people shop in-store at times that are quieter or more convenient, we’ve extended the opening hours in many of our shops, although the majority remain closed overnight.”

In other Tesco news, the supermarket has begun rolling out recycling points to 171 stores in the South West of England and Wales with plans to put it in all large stores nationwide. 

The collection points will enable Britons to return all their previously unrecycled soft plastic, including cling film, pet food pouches, crisp packets and bread bags. 

Once collected, the plastic is sent for recycling where it will be washed, sorted and processed before being turned into new packaging.

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