Tesco and Lidl shelves left empty as Britons rush to buy water and ice cream

People across the UK are doing all that they can to make it through the UK’s incredible heatwave. Consequently, there are a few items that have become increasingly popular in supermarkets across the kingdom.

Customers who shop at Lidl in Clevedon may have to rethink a few key purchases today.

The popular supermarket is all out of ice cream and water today.

The same could be seen at a Tesco store, also in Clevedon.

Several pictures were snapped of one Lidl store’s shelves today.

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In one image, a two measly packets of large water bottles were left on an entire aisle.

A freezer compartment was left totally empty under a sign advertising ice creams.

The Mini Mix Ice Creams, priced at £2.49 a pack, have clearly gone down a treat during the heatwave so far.

Although it is cooler than some other parts of the country, Clevedon is currently facing high temperatures of 31 degrees, so the rush for ice creams and bottled water is unsurprising.


If exercising, Britons must take care to drink even more water.

As for ice cream, while it does have a temporarily cooling effect, this may not actually be the ideal heatwave snack.

The process of eating is heat generating, increasing the body’s core temperature.

Enjoying a cold drink or snack further compounds this because the body overcompensates by increasing its core temperature.

Warmer snacks and drinks may therefore be a greater bet in the next few days.

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