Taliban news: British ambassador to be evacuated amid fears airport will be cut off | World | News

Sir Laurie Bristow had intended to remain in the country’s capital, Kabul, however, he is to be airlifted out by Monday evening, new reports show. UK diplomats and government officials have fled the country, decreasing the number from 500 to the “low tens” amid growing concerns that the Taliban will take the airport, cutting off the only way to leave the capital.

Around 600 British troops are to be sent to Afghanistan to evacuate UK nationals.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced last week that the troops will be sent to evacuate around 3,000 UK citizens along with 2,000 Afghan interpreters and “other people we have an obligation to”.

Mr Wallace said that the troops are expected to arrive in the coming days and are a “pre-planned phase”.

The mission to evacuate British nationals is expected to last until the end of the month, however, sources claim the plan has been changed.

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Some reports even claimed that the Taliban had progressed as far as the Chahar Asyab district.

This is just seven miles from the capital of Kabul where the UK ambassador resides.

“Watching Afghanistan slide slowly towards civil war and the Taliban advance is a painful experience for all of us,” Ben Wallace wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

“A unilateral force would very quickly be viewed as an occupying force and, no matter how powerful the country that sends it, history shows us what happens to them in Afghanistan.”

As it stands, only four major cities remain under governmental control but two are under siege.

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